Kristen Leanne + influencer life


Kristen is a widely followed woman online. As of writing this description, she has 691K followers on IG, 580K on YT for her personal channel, and 188K for her animal channel. She talks about the early days of being online, before it was even called “influencing” and we discover how much it’s changed back in the day, to now.

This woman does it all. She’s a mom of 2 under 2, she’s an entrepreneur, she’s an animal lover, a first-responder’s wife, and much more. Kristen is raw and real and it’s what she’s known for online. In this episode, you will find out: how she deals with haters, how much she actually documents her life and what her husband thinks of it, and how she was able to fish out a cashew from her daughter’s nostril, delicious! Lots of funny and juicy stuff in this one!




This podcast has mature language and content. Moms ears only — don’t have this one on with your kids in the room. These are our opinions and experiences as moms, take what you like, or leave it. Don’t be thinking we’re telling you what to do. Seek professionals, do your research, and call the experts for help.

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