Shana Minei Spence + rethinking our relationship with food


Shana has opened our eyes on how we might want to think, act, and talk about food in our homes. 22% of children and adolescents worldwide show disordered eating, according to JAMA Pediatrics. What if there’s a better way for us to have a relationship with food?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Shana gives an approachable look at wellness topics that are inclusive, non diet, and weight neutral, all with an intersectionality of social justice. What does healthy really mean? What if we no longer shame foods? What if we reframe how we talk or look at our diets? A lot of this is a practice of unlearning what we’ve grown up with, what society and social media and influencers shove in our faces — on how to eat, how to look, how to be “healthy.” We invite you to keep an open mind, for you and your families.



This podcast has mature language and content. Moms ears only — don’t have this one on with your kids in the room. These are our opinions and experiences as moms, take what you like, or leave it. Don’t be thinking we’re telling you what to do. Seek professionals, do your research, and call the experts for help.

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