Jeanne-Marie Paynel + birth doula


Vanessa was fortunate to have experienced working with a doula for her second birth. What a difference she made. We talked to the thoughtful, lovely and elegant Jeanne-Marie to explore why one of these professionals might be a great option for your birth, no matter where you plan on having your baby – at a hospital, a birth center, or at home. We like to think of a doula as your birth experience’s COO, the homie that will always have your back, and your bedside therapist. We talk about the role of the doula (they are not just for mom!) and how to find one that works for you.

According to Dona international, a doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to their client before, during and shortly after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.




This podcast has mature language and content. Moms ears only — don’t have this one on with your kids in the room. These are our opinions and experiences as moms, take what you like, or leave it. Don’t be thinking we’re telling you what to do. Seek professionals, do your research, and call the experts for help.

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