Julie Stotlar + helping families grieve child loss


In 2000, Julie Stotlar’s 6-year-old daughter, Lauren, was killed by the school bus that took her to school every day. In their grieving process, Julie and her husband found that the support available just didn’t resonate. They found that the most helpful way to support families was connecting them with others who had been through a similar loss.

Vanessa read about Julie’s story in the book by internationally acclaimed spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, called What’s Your Heaven? She was so touched by Julie’s story and how she created hope out of tragedy through her organization GrieveWell and we are so honored she came to talk to us on the pod. We talk about unimaginable loss, grief, and healing.

She gives us tips on how to make a shittier day even slightly better. Some of these include singing even if you suck at singing, yoga, going outside, and more. This isn’t just a sad story, it’s a meaningful and hopeful journey of loss and love and working on forgiveness.




This podcast has mature language and content. Moms ears only — don’t have this one on with your kids in the room. These are our opinions and experiences as moms, take what you like, or leave it. Don’t be thinking we’re telling you what to do. Seek professionals, do your research, and call the experts for help.

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